Continuous Telematic Control

With the intention to continue contributing to the improvement of results in the detection of new opportunities for savings, at Opyce we continually invest in innovation processes in order to always be closer to our clients.

In this regard, we have advanced systems of great capacity that allow us to offer the monitoring of large databases in real time.

One of these technological tools is our C.T.C. (Continuous Telematic Control), thanks to which you can consult your evolution from any part of the world and always in real time.

A service for the most demanding companies

Thanks to C.T.C. you can consult at any time:

  • An executive summary through the control panel, showing the situation of your cost centres, whether multipoint or high- or medium-voltage plants.
  • A detailed analysis of the evolution of the costs derived from energy consumption classifiable by phases and periods.
  • Notices of additional costs for surpassing the contracted energy quotas.
  • An exhaustive control of billing to receive from the distributor companies.

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