“At Opyce we work each day to continue offering the best of ourselves: a service of trust enduring over time”

Jordi Barceló
Director General


Founded in the year 1959 and with more than 50 years of experience, OPYCE originated from the entrepreneur spirit of two engineers under the concept of “Oficina de proyectos y cáculos eléctricos”.

Since the beginning of OPYCE, the company has always carried out consulting tasks and intermediation between the clients’ electrical energy needs with respect to the electricity distribution companies.

At the beginning of 1960, with the aim of providing a more complete service, the Installations Department of the company was created and, some years later, the Energy Consulting Department was born, designed exclusively to offer a more personalized attention to our clients. Its work consists of analysing the electrical billing and giving advice, to their full extent, on the cost reduction possibilities.

With the liberalization of the electricity market in 1997, our Energy Consulting Department was developed even more, and at present we continue guiding the clients in the possibility of accessing this market, always with the aim of reducing energy costs.

In 1982 a boost was given to renewable energy with the publication of the Energy Conservation Law, and OPYCE, never far from these concerns, through its Energy Management Department managed to offer counselling to the clients in the study and the start-up of generation plants, carrying out the integral management of mini-hydraulic plants, including their exploitation, and of cogeneration plants.